OUR vision

A more sustainable and equitable food system.

We believe that everyone should have access to the basic resources they need to live a happy & healthy lives– especially when those same resources are going to waste by the billions. Not only does waste hurt our planet, but it's a missed opportunity for humanity. That's why we're committed to making it easier to share surplus in communities everywhere.

the problem


meals are wasted every year

All the while, at least 34 million Americans experience food insecurity. We're currently wasting more than double the amount of food needed to close the "hunger gap."

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what makes us different

We tackle the most difficult and expensive aspects of food rescue

Sharing Excess aims to revolutionize food sharing by solving the logistical barriers of rescue and redistribution. Our reactive and agile approach makes it easy for any business to donate fresh food on a regular basis. We cover transportation, coordination, delivery and everything in between.

Working with both food businesses and food banks, Sharing Excess acts as the agile middle-player who is solely dedicated to reducing food waste and increasing food access. We leverage innovative technology to help cut costs, improve efficiency, and track valuable impact - a win win for everyone's bottom line.

our story

A grassroots effort on a college campus has grown to a national movement.

In 2018, while attending Drexel University as a student studying entrepreneurship, Evan Ehlers decided to donate all his unused meal swipes from his dining account that he knew he wouldn't be able to use before the end of the term. After driving around Philadelphia giving away his meals for free, he realized a great need for food in his community and a massively untapped potential to share perfectly edible food that was going to waste across the city. This day changed his life forever and was the inspiration for Sharing Excess. 50 million meals later, Sharing Excess is quickly expanding to new cities and challenging the status quo of food rescue in America.

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Together with businesses, foundations, and organizations we make the magic of Sharing Excess come to life. Learn more about how you can partner with us.

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