Sharing Excess is a student-powered nonprofit that fights food insecurity by sharing food excess.


What we do:

Food Rescue


We partner with grocery stores and restaurants to deliver excess food to local hunger relief organizations.


We bridge the gap between excess and scarcity using the innovation, passion, and civic engagement of college students. Our chapters are focused on alleviating food insecurity both on campus and in the community.

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Our food rescue team has delivered more than 90,000 LBS of food in the last 12 months.


We have delivered enough food to provide more than 70,000 meals for people in need. Our impact reaches across Philadelphia.

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Food Donors:


All of this is made possible by our amazing food donors. Together with our partners, we reduce food waste and provide tax breaks while making social impact.

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Hunger Relief Partners:


Sharing Excess is able to feed people in need by delivering fresh food to our incredible hunger relief partners. We collaborate with professionally trained and certified organizations that target the root causes of poverty.



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