Sharing Excess is a movement of students ending food insecurity on campus and in the community.

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Our philosophy is simple, yet powerful.

We’re bridging the gap between excess and scarcity using the passion and energy of college students.


What we do

Food Rescue

We partner with local grocery stores and restaurants to deliver excess food to a diverse network hunger relief organizations.


Nearly half of all college students struggle with food insecurity.

We establish meal swipe donation programs, sponsor food scholarships, supply campus food pantries, and help students gain access to healthy nutrition.




In the last year, we delivered more than 118,000 LBS of food to communities in need.


Our distribution currently reaches throughout the city of Philadelphia; focused in areas of greatest need.

Rescue food with us




Together with over 40 food donors, we reduce food waste, save money, and do good for all.

Donate Food


Hunger relief


We distribute fresh food to more than 25 trained and certified hunger relief organizations targeting the root causes of poverty.



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