Evan Ehlers  Founder of Sharing Excess.

Evan Ehlers Founder of Sharing Excess.

I realized I had over fifty meals left in my dining account with only two days left in the winter term. Something just didn’t feel right about leaving for home, knowing my meal swipes would essentially disappear from my account once I left. So the next day, I decided to swipe my dining card until I had nothing left, pack all the meals in my car, drive around Philadelphia, and give them out to anyone I could find that needed food to eat. This was the happiest day of my entire life. I later realized that our brains are chemically rewarded by the feeling of giving, even more so than receiving. What if we could solve one of humanity’s greatest problems with this innate reward system?
— Evan

Our story has just begun. In just over 6 months of operation, we have already made an impact on hunger in Philadelphia. In a few years, we aim to spread Sharing Excess to many universities and engage students all over the U.S.  

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