We believe that every person should have enough food to eat, and that ——— the solution is within our grasp. By identifying the roadblocks that prevent food sharing, we have created a movement that can end hunger in our communities.

Our mission: empower university students to share food excess with community members in need.

Our vision: create a network of excess sharing universities that alleviate food insecurity nationally.

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We launch student-run hunger relief initiatives to fight hunger both on campus and in the surrounding community.

Current Focus

Meal Swipe Donations: we work with universities to create donation systems that allow students to share meal swipes with other students suffering from hunger in their university.

Food Rescue Program:  we partner with local grocers, restaurants and farmers to transport their excess food to our network of hunger relief organizations in Philadelphia.

Philanthropic Partnerships: we engage companies, advocates and just plain awesome people through philanthropic partnerships, to spread awareness about hunger or to host creative food drives.