Fresh, healthy, and free food.

Our sponsored food scholarships support students pursuing their degree with boxes of produce delivered directly to their door, every other week. This is all made possible by our awesome friends at Misfits Market.

Together, we’re alleviating student food insecurity, which impacts nearly half of all college students. We believe every student should have access to at least three healthy meals per day.


Ten applicants will be accepted into the program each semester. They’ll receive a box of produce delivered to their door by Misfits Market, every other week, for six months. We’re looking to support ambitious students, with big goals to make the world a better place.

With this program, we hope to:

  • Reduce the cost of daily living expenses

  • Make healthy and sustainable produce more accessible

  • Help students focus on coursework and ultimately graduate

Applications accepted through November 20th, 2019.

Currently available for Drexel university

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Students’ privacy will be respected to the utmost and will be able to opt into sharing their story and participation in the program publicly. If you answer no, it WILL NOT impact your application negatively.
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Over the course of the program, accepted applicants will be surveyed to determine the program’s impact on factors including hunger, health & wellness, and academic performance. These surveys will need to be completed in order to receive your next delivery.
I agree to willingly share this information with Sharing Excess and Misfits Market officials. *
All information will be kept confidential. Please note that space is very limited and we will not be able to accept all applications (we wish we could).
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